A Brief History of Distance Education

Distance education has yielded generations of pupils the chance pursue their educational goals outside the standard school program. It’s enabled countless students the capability to further their education, while letting them keep their duties to their families and companies. While distance education isn’t for everybody, it’s stood the test of time. The following is a short timeline of events associated with distance education.

* 1840 — Isaac Pitman starts teaching shorthand by correspondence in the united kingdom.

* 1858 — The University of London generates its External Program.

* 1883 — New York State authorizes the Chautauqua Institute to award amounts earned through correspondence.

* 1891 — The Colliery Engineer School of Mines renames itself International Correspondence Schools.

* 1892 — The University of Chicago begins administering the initial university classes by email.

* 1906 — The Calvert School of Baltimore becomes the first main school in the United States to provide correspondence courses.

* 1916 — The National University Continuing Education Association is made in the USA.

* 1921 — Pennsylvania State College starts broadcasting classes on the radio.

* 1933 — The University of Iowa starts broadcasting classes on tv.

* 1950 — The Ford Foundation starts offering grants to produce and develop educational programs for television broadcasting.

* 1967 — The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is made.

* 1970 — Walden University has been created.

* 1974 — California State University offers a Masters degree via correspondence.

* 1982 — The National University Teleconferencing Network has been created.

* 1984 — The computer is called “person of the year” by Time Magazine.

With the coming of the computer and the maturation of the world wide web, distance education has developed into an very important part of contemporary education. Nearly every college in North America provides classes on the internet, while an whole cottage industry has formed around the idea of online instruction. There are an infinite number of online classes available to members of the public. The most superb thing about online instruction is that there are no boundaries, and potential students worldwide have access to the very same opportunities. Online learning has the capability to make the planet a better location. In certain ways, it currently has.

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