Ted Belanger

I am a full-time trader and educator for investors interested in making money from stocks, options and forex and other investment vehicles. With over 20 years of experience I use Japanese Candlesticks to help implement strategies, methods, and a winning mindset that I want to share with other investors and traders.

I consider myself a life-time student of the markets. After working for several firms I realized my true passion was to develop online educational sites to help the retail trader and investor develop the knowledge and skill to manage their own money.

I publish weekly articles and reviews about various trading products and trading strategies. I also manage several blogs and membership sites where aspiring traders and find the latest products and trading courses online. I am a full-time online marketer with degrees in economics and eastern philosophy. I enjoy researching and writing reviews to assist others in gaining knowledge to improve their lives through online trading and investing. When I am not online I enjoy traveling with my wife and children and split time between homes in California, New England and Europe.